Jennifer Cates, Principal
Jennifer Cates, Principal
Phone ext #: 11100

Jennifer Cates, Principal
Phone ext #: 223

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Albert Powell High School exists for those who need new opportunities and I could not be more proud
to be the principal of such a school. Our continuation school provides students an alternative method to
reaching their goal of earning a high school diploma. Our standards and curriculum are the same as the
comprehensive high schools; our diploma is of equal value. Where the difference lies is in the delivery
of instruction and the opportunities to prove mastery. Credits are earned based on work completed at a
proficient level. Students have the opportunity to work at their own individual pace; this affords a
student the ability to make up credit deficiencies and close the gap.
Albert Powell staff holds high expectations for our students. We respect and appreciate the students
who attend our school and welcome them as family. I believe that our families will notice this difference
immediately. We have established a school culture that represents our Powell Pride. It is evident the
moment you step foot on campus- we walk the walk.
Our mission is simple: support all students in their efforts to earn a high school diploma, become lifelong
learners, and reach their full potential both academically and emotionally. We are willing to do
whatever it takes to accomplish this goal. We want to provide more than just a high school education to
our students, but also prepare them for life beyond the high school diploma. We provide a safe and
respectful atmosphere on our campus that allows students to flourish academically, socially, and
I hope that you are as proud to be a part of the Albert Powell family as I am. Welcome.
Mrs. Cates